Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hi Folks!

hi hi hi, its 4th week now at art center so work is really starting to kick up. That means I'm starting to get a lot of new work but no time to post! This term is interesting because it is the least digital term i have had so far.The texture of reality is just plain tasty(im speaking about painting w/ real paint) 2 painting classes, 1 figurative, one kinda conceptual class, and a film class(intro type?) and i'm loving it all. Can you believe I haven't touched my tablet in 4 weeks. Well... the more likely reason for that is because my tablet is out of commission. I'll buy a new one, but FUCK those mother fuckers are expensive!

oh and this painting here is a study done from my Advanced Sketching for Illustration class (what a mouthful)
for some reason the pictures i post end up more desaturated than the original file. anyone else have that problem?