Friday, September 21, 2012


Thinking about technology lately. I missed seeing the Spaceshuttle flyover. Since we are all mostly stationed on the ground, I thought that we would be seeing mostly the bottom tummy of a 747 so I didn't put much effort to watch out for it. Fortunately, friends have been posting pictures of Endeavor all over facebook and making me deeply regret missing out!. It looks like it got pretty low. Looked sexyy. Anyways, slightly unrelated...I've been thinking/wishing/dreaming about a high speed line to San Fran for forever now and just recently heard about Elon Musk's mysterious Hyperlop idea. LA to SF in 30min! It made me want to paint this piece. Also, nothing is publicly known about this hyperloop thing except for the few sentences Mr. Musk spoke of, therefore no one knows how it works or what it's supposed to look like so...HAA I draw what I want! Hyperloop going through California.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New in town

I wanted to do a piece based off my personal experiences. This one is about traveling and the awesome inevitable event of getting lost. Also, the guy holding the map is smart and doesn't want to waste battery on his phone since he's lost so that's why he's looking for directions the old school way.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yikesss...I suck at blogging. Sorry for the lack of posts and for anyone that came expecting something new. It's been a crazy year. Basically I've been busy illustrating a children's book for a super awesome vfx studio called New Deal Studios. When I know when it's coming out, you will know! Anyways, I took a color and light class awhile ago with the great and legendary Bill Perkins. He's as good a teacher as he is an artist. Solid knowledge and wisdom. He breaks down light and color in such a manageable way when observing and applying. I stitched together my in-class studies that we did after the lecture. I liked how he emphasized NOT letting the temptation of trying to create a cool art get in the way of focus on learning and discovering(which is pretty much what anyone can only do with 40min - 1 1/2h of painting anyways) Very freeing. I think the best exercises were when we had to paint the same setup over again with different lighting. Comparison is enlightening. Some of these are horrible and some are I think OK, but the learning was incredible and it altered the way I think and paint. Actually, the failed ones are exciting for me too because I can analyze what went wrong and figure out what I would do differently now. Weeeee self-improvement!