Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Witches' Gathering

This is a continuation of my senior graduation project at Art Center where I Illustrated passages from the book The Subtle Knife. Well... actually, I initially sketched out a rough version but forgot about it until I recently flipped through my old sketchbooks and wanted to flesh it out. OR I just wanted a reason to paint the Milky Way. I title this scene, The Witches' Gathering.

Some more about the piece: The witches live in harmony with nature, but to emphasis the ancient and sacredness of the gathering, I designed the trees and rocks to mirror Greek/Roman architecture in order to evoke emotions those motifs(columns and arches) bring. It's always nice to find the opportunity to fit in a metaphor no matter how subconscious-y it may be. At least for me, it makes the piece more interesting to do(for those out there that call out bullshit hahaha!).