Monday, August 31, 2009


portraiture with david luce was a blast! here are some that i liked, two in class and the midterm. i finished the piece for the final but i want to make more changes on it. perhaps i will put it up sometime later. It was a crazy term, learned a lottt but not much to post, unless you want to see endless pages of storyboards and bad fine art made even worse by reproduction.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

figure drawings

One of my first loves in life is figure drawing. This page is in my portfolio too. My recent drawings are in a tidy pile somewhere in my room... I don't think ill be up to another round of scanning anytime soon. Scanning by the ton is a dull, uncomfortable and unending pain pulsating in your head... kinda like a brain freeze.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


a painting i did for my grandparents. its supposed to be a scene of Taiwan's countryside/farmland around where they grew up. yes i know that's a weird looking building in the middle...yes i could have done a much more charming little country house BUT there are actually a bunch of those; its a characteristic of the landscape. Just a little dabbling into Realist painting :) Confused? google it..get some art history in you

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Repost..color still desaturated. i give up

Friday, January 2, 2009


Color Theory Final, I'm too lazy to post all the different paintings separately so here the whole display.
Its more desaturated on the blog than its supposed to be, anyone out there know why?... is there a setting im supposed to click or type of file that needs to be uploaded? or is it just my computer screen... i hope its just my screen, wait..yikes,,nvm, that would mean my screen is messed up. i take that back, it's not my screen...something must be wrong with the blog

+ another


and another one

Style Baby!

no way, an actual art post???

4th term painting from the legendary Gary Meyer's class


5th term is over! or was over for a few weeks now. I welcomed the break with a warm embrace and plentiful kisses. Man, i love breaks. So far, i've slept away all my deliriousness from the all nighters pulled. My mental state is normal again. I've partied out a terms worth of antisocial-ness. I've exercised and sweated out a terms worth of toxins in my body. Honey, I feeel gooooood! If i could i'd do some James Brown splits right now! And guess what? I'm gonna dump a shitload of art on all yall asses. Happy New Year!!! One more thing, get out the liquor! Let's do some Obama shots! Yes We CANNN!