Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yikesss...I suck at blogging. Sorry for the lack of posts and for anyone that came expecting something new. It's been a crazy year. Basically I've been busy illustrating a children's book for a super awesome vfx studio called New Deal Studios. When I know when it's coming out, you will know! Anyways, I took a color and light class awhile ago with the great and legendary Bill Perkins. He's as good a teacher as he is an artist. Solid knowledge and wisdom. He breaks down light and color in such a manageable way when observing and applying. I stitched together my in-class studies that we did after the lecture. I liked how he emphasized NOT letting the temptation of trying to create a cool art get in the way of focus on learning and discovering(which is pretty much what anyone can only do with 40min - 1 1/2h of painting anyways) Very freeing. I think the best exercises were when we had to paint the same setup over again with different lighting. Comparison is enlightening. Some of these are horrible and some are I think OK, but the learning was incredible and it altered the way I think and paint. Actually, the failed ones are exciting for me too because I can analyze what went wrong and figure out what I would do differently now. Weeeee self-improvement!